EU Code Week: Catch Up and Get Ready

So our “How to” session is in the books. If you didn’t manage to catch our live session, you can watch the recording.

We covered the rough outline of the sessions, what will happen each day and also what’ll happen each of the five weekdays.

Daily Format

Each day we’ll start with:

  • a little intro to the session, and then…
  • Steve will launch into the unplugged session, followed by
  • some coding on the iPad, finished off with
  • a Q & A session

Our guest schools will make an appearance in there in one of the segments.

To help you manage your time, if you’re following along in a classroom, we’ll have a countdown timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen, so you know when we’re nearly finished a segment.

Weekly Format

For the week, we’ll be following select days from the A Quick Start to Code PDF from Apple.

  • Monday, we’ll Meet Byte (commands)
  • Tuesday, we’ll Get groovy (functions)
  • Wednesday, it’s time to Get loopy (loops)
  • Thursday, we Track the gems (variables)
  • Friday, we Play our own game (putting it all together)


All this will be appearing on YouTube, where we’ll be live streaming each morning at 9:45am, Irish/UK time.

If you missed the setup session, or any sessions, you can catch up on our playlist page, where we’ll keep all of our sessions, including the set up ones, for EU Code Week.

Grab some popcorn, catch up, and we’ll see you Monday morning!

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