Teaching App Development with Swift Playgrounds

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Here are a few takeaway links if you’re teaching app development with Swift Playgrounds. They range from a tutorial on just what sort of apps you can build with Swift Playgrounds, using an example from the advanced Develop in Swift Data Collections to utilizing those micro:bits you might have lying around to taking full advantage of all the amazing resources Apple has provided inside the Swift Playgrounds app in the form of the About Me app and all the other apps in the app gallery.

NASA Photo of the Day app in Swift Playgrounds and SwiftUI:

Video: https://youtu.be/g9FX-CQ9RMU

Code: https://github.com/mhanlon/NASA-Photo-of-the-Day-App

micro:bit on Swift Playgrounds:

You can add the “Intro to the BBC micro:bit” Swift Playground book by subsribing to the URL https://microbit.org/swift-playgrounds/feed.json

Please visit https://microbit.org/guide/swift-playgrounds/ to get the right hex file and instructions setting up your micro:bit.


Classroom Resources:

Celebrating You Guide for how to run this activity in your own classroom: https://education-static.apple.com/geo/uk/education/swift-playgrounds-guides/everyone-can-code-celebrating-you.pdf?cid=pm-engb-na-apple-edu-eccode-sp4

App Gallery Tutorials: https://developer.apple.com/tutorials/sample-apps