App Development with Swift

As someone who’s designed a set of curricula around introducing people to coding and app development, I am blown away by Apple Education’s latest offering, App Development with Swift.

The teacher’s guide gives great support for educators running the course and takes a great approach to giving their students a real feel for all facets of building out an app, not just the nitty gritty of code.

Guidelines for the teacher running a class

I love the tips for reviewing students’ code and extra material for adapting the lessons to your particular classes predilections.

If you’re looking to teach programming in the classroom, the Apple Education folks are putting out some great resources to help you on your way.

App Development with Swift

Apple Education

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May 24, 2017

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This Teacher Guide, a companion to the two-semester long App Development with Swift course, is designed for you to use with high school and college students. It includes tips for extending or adapting lessons, increasing collaboration, and assisting students who need extra support. It also includes downloadable Keynote presentations for each lesson, solution code for the labs presented in the student guide, and a rubric for evaluating student work.