Building Apps

There are many facets to building apps, from the initial idea to shipping them.

In App Design you’ll learn about some of the resources Apple has to help you go from your initial idea to shipping an app.

Or maybe you have your app and are ready to pitch it… in that case, How to Pitch Your App will show you how to use those same tools to structure your presentations and the key story behind your hard work.


When it comes to building your app, the Map to Coding should help you figure out what path you can take to making your ideas a reality…

Or maybe you’re teaching code, in which case, I have a few videos to help you get started down that path and show you how to use some of the resources I have available. There are a variety of ways you can introduce coding in your classroom, and Swift Playgrounds is such a great tool to use.

And whether you’re a student or a teacher, I’m sure you’ll find some useful tips and tricks on making your app in Making Connections… There are pointers to sample that will help you:

  • Connect to sources of data across the web, like sports info websites or weather services
  • Include a photo picker in your app
  • Figure out how to move from a Keynote prototype to a functioning, dynamic app
  • Master layout with some concrete examples
  • Create an app-wide settings screen
  • Build a ChatBot
  • Add sharing functionality to your app
  • and more!