EU Code Week: Coping!

EU Code Week is nearly upon us and I’m sure, for many of you, your head has been all over the place this school year!

This surely has been an unprecedented return to school, and our sessions being online this year are a testament to that.

Running these Sessions in Class

With all the craziness, we understand that you may not get to log in exactly at 9:45am (Irish/UK time) and spend 45 glorious minutes learning about unplugged activities and coding in Swift Playgrounds.

Looking at Dalkey Island from Loreto Abbey Secondary School in Dalkey, Ireland

It’s been a hectic autumn and I have no doubt many of you are working on coping, never mind coding!

These sessions are designed to put your mind at ease and introduce your students to coding in an easy and engaging manner. But we’re not just focused on the coding piece.

In terms of running these sessions in your classroom, if you’re wrestling with WiFi availability, having to wear masks or not wear masks, struggling with keeping the rooms clean and together, you don’t have to run them live with us.

Sure, it’s an added bonus if you can, because you could ask questions if they arise in near real-time. But if you want to introduce coding to your students outside of the hours we’re running the sessions, we’ll post the recording from that day’s session to the relevant page on the mini-site.

EU Code Week Video Playlist

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve posted a playlist page, which will also have all of the sessions we record for you to play back at your leisure, either in class, or to have your students with their own iPads to try at home.

Whatever way you join us, I can’t wait to show you some of the cool stuff you can do with your students (or for yourself!) with Swift Playgrounds.

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