EU Code Week: Day One, We Begin!

Are you ready for some coding?

Monday morning we’ll be kicking off our Follow-Along Coding sessions with Swift and iPads!

We’ve got a really fun session lined up.

The Theme

Learn to Code 1 playground
Meet Byte

The theme today is all about commands and introducing you to Swift Playgrounds.

We’ll meet Byte, our coding buddy throughout Learn to Code 1 and 2.

But before we jump straight into coding, we’ll do something away from the screen for a second.


Steve has an amazing unplugged activity in store for you: origami paper dancer.

We use these ‘unplugged’ activities as ways of introducing computational thinking and computational concepts without even using screens or devices. So if you don’t have iPads for everyone, or maybe the kids need a break, these activities get you up out of your chair and interacting with your classmates.


You’ll need Swift Playgrounds and the Learn to Code 1 playground on your iPad to follow along with the code. You can see how to download all of these things in our video, “How to prepare for Quick Start to Code for EU Code Week.”

We’ll walk through these early pages with you on Monday morning.

I can’t wait to get started coding with you and I hope you’re excited, too.

You can find out all the gory details on our mini-site for day one, and we’ll see you online!

We’ll be live on Monday morning from

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