EU Code Week 2020 - Day One - Meet Byte

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Today's Playground:
Learn to Code 1 playground
Learn to Code 1
Day one: meet byte playground image Today is all about getting introduced to Swift Playgrounds on your iPad.
If you haven't already, download Swift Playgrounds for your iPad (or Mac).
We're going to focus on the building blocks of computer programming: commands. We need to speak the computer's language, and in our case, that language is Swift. With our first playground we can use certain commands to tell Byte to move forward, to turn left, all to accomplish some task.

These commands will look very similar to what we want Byte to do, just all mashed together, like so: moveForward() and turnLeft().

Check out the session today to find out how to use them!


Recorded Monday, October 12th, 2020:

Recorded Monday, October 19th, 2020:

Unplugged Activity

Origami paper dancer algorithm

You will need:


We will make an origami paper dancer. The A4 plain paper is cut into a square (you can do this before the session). You will follow the steps of the algorithm to fold the paper and draw a dancer. The arms and legs of the dancer will be folded to show different dance moves.


Debugging: A big part of coding is debugging — fixing mistakes in your, or others', code. Try to complete the Finding and Fixing Bugs and Bug Squash Practice pages. Debugging requires a bit of patience and oftentimes reading over the problem you're trying to solve to make sure you've got it right. Good luck!

Efficiency: As programmers we're often looking for the quickest or shortest way to do something. Can you solve The Shortest Route page in the fewest lines of code? Plan out your solution and give it a shot, the message when Byte has finished the puzzle will let you know if you've done it in the most efficient way.