EU Code Week 2020 - Going Further

Taking Coding Further

If this sparked an interest in you or your students, there are plenty more ways to continue your coding adventure!

The Everyone Can Code series does an excellent job of guiding you through Swift coding concepts, taking you from complete beginner to well on your way to a Swift coder by the time you're done!

Everyone Can Code Puzzles

Most of the material we covered in these sessions are taught really well in the Everyone Can Code Puzzles books (teacher edition and student edition)

Everyone Can Code Adventures

Once you've finished the Puzzles you can move on to the next set of books, Everyone Can Code Adventures (teacher edition and student edition)

There are many other fun coding exercises we can use our iPads for, from hardware to other coding adventures.


Did you love the look of Jimu, the Meebot and want to try him out in your own home?
Meebot 2.0
You can find out more about these cool robots at UBTech! While you can use the virtual Meebot, like we did, it's an extra challenge to first build your robot and then make it dance!

More Playgrounds

There are a ton more playgrounds to explore in Swift Playgrounds, no matter your interest!
More playgrounds
You can find out more about and subscribe to The Code Hub's playgrounds for some more coding challenges.

You can experiment with the sonic workshop or augmented reality, all the while building out projects that behave very like apps.

Sonic Workshop

Take your Swift Playgrounds to another sonic level by working on the Sonic Workshop playground.

We have a video series in which we walk through the various pages and learn some advanced coding techniques.

Augmented Reality

Learn all about Augmented Reality (AR) with our Augmented Reality: Getting Creative with AR video series.

You'll use Reality Composer, ARMakr, and Swift Playgrounds to experiment with placing virtual objects into a real life scene. Try it out!

If you want to make the next leap and learn how to build apps you can run on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, you might want to try your hand at App Development. You need a Mac and Xcode for these books.

Develop in Swift Explorations

Learn about Swift with Develop in Swift Explorations (teacher edition and student edition). This book will teach you key computing concepts and takes a holistic view of app development and will teach you how to build apps from idea to implementation.

Develop in Swift Fundamentals

Develop in Swift Fundamentals will teach you how to build an app like a professional iOS developer (teacher edition and student edition). You'll create a few iOS apps as you follow along with the book and learn how to put your ideas into practice!