Swift Playgrounds from the Code Hub

Our playgrounds include fundamentals of programming books where learners use a LOGO-like syntax to drive turtles (well, emojis, in this update) around the screen, the turtle graphics piece split out into its own playground book for experimentation and to fit into your own fundamentals of programming curriculum (like Apple's Everyone Can Code), a question and answer book for your students to write and then share with each other in class, and a Text Adventure playground book that will explore creativity in coding through storytelling.

Swift Playgrounds from the Code Hub

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Let's Play!

For the holiday season (or any time of year, really), we have a Holiday Turtle Graphics playground to explore and code your own drawings into life!

New We've adapted Apple's Camera Create Starting Point playground to provide you with a base for creating your own App within Swift Playgrounds! Add visual elements to the screen and wire them up so your playground user can interact with them.

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