EU Code Week: Let’s Go, Teachers!

Here we go, EU Code Week begins early!

We’ll be live today at 4pm, Irish/UK time, talking about how to host these coding sessions in your own classroom.

You can still register, though it’s not necessary:

A Smooth Sailing

The goal of today’s session is to answer any questions you might have about the coding sessions. We’ll cover how to teach them in class, what gotchas to look out for, and when we’ll be live.

Of course, we have the mini-site, which we’ll show off, but it’s always helpful to have a guide along with you.

No matter the level of coding experience you or your students have, we’ll explain what material we have to offer, and how to tailor it to your experience level. We have ways to challenge advanced students, and ‘unplugged’ sessions to bring computing concepts home in a tactile way.

Your perfect classroom setup

The Place and Time for Questions

We’ll have time during our live follow-along coding sessions, but tomorrow is just for the teachers. Do you have questions about running this in class? What do you need? How long should you budget? Will you be able to follow along?

We’ll address all of those questions tomorrow (but the short answers are: iPads, 45 minutes or so, yes, definitely), and any others you might have.

So grab a cup of tea or coffee after school, hit up, and we’ll give you the inside scoop on how you can get your class coding for EU Code Week.

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