EU Code Week: Get Your iPad Set Up

By now, you know EU Code Week is coming, you can feel it like a train coming down the tracks.

In order to help you get set up in advance, I’ve made a short video (6 minutes) to help you make sure you have all you need on your iPad to follow-along with us as we code each day of the week.

The video is called “How to prepare for Quick Start to Code for EU Code Week” and you can watch it at that URL above or inline, below:

For Teachers

Now, if you’re a teacher, running this in class during EU Code Week (or at a later date), you’ll want to do the above for you and your students, for sure. But there might be other things you need to set up. Or to understand about the session to be ready for anything.

If so, feel free to come along to our session on October 6th at 4pm, Irish/UK time! Just register here, and join us on the live stream at 4pm on Tuesday at

Registration and attendance are free and we’ll focus on what you need to run these sessions in class.

You’ll have the chance to ask questions via the live chat in YouTube.

Different Learning Styles

Maybe video isn’t your thing. If so, you can also read instructions for setting up your class or your home for the sessions.

October 12th, 9:45am, Irish/UK time

The big kick-off is Monday, October 12th at 9:45am. We’ll see you then!

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