Coding at Home: April 20th – Week Five

We’re back again for week five of coding at home!

We’ll be live today at 1pm Irish time, finishing up with logical operators and doing a little debugging session.


You have covered an absolutely massive amount of coding concepts if you’ve stuck with us thus far.

In week one we covered commands and functions

The second week we introduced loops and variables. We even started on conditional coding!

For the third week we continued with conditions, introduced types and initialization, and started functions with parameters.

Last week we dove deeper into functions with parameters and logical operators (which brought us back to conditional coding again). We dropped an extra video last week to try and help illustrate the usage of some of these concepts.

What’s up this week

This week I hope to start us off with a live debugging session. This is useful because it’s a scenario you’ll often find yourself in. You’ll have a chunk of code you need to walk through in order to hunt down a tricky bug or bad behavior.

After the debugging session we’re going to explore a great way to exercise our newfound skills with conditionals and logical operators. We’ll use The Code Hub’s version of the Answers playground, from our playgrounds feed.

We’ll quiz our friends and collect their answers in variables and then use conditional coding and logical operators to change what our answer to them is.

Later… more loops!

Later in the week we’ll continue with more ways to loop and then maybe squeak in the start of arrays: a handy way to store lists of things.

See you at 1pm!

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