Coding at Home: April 21st – While Loops

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The End of Logical Operators

We’ll show you the true value of logical operators today — a BuzzFeed-style quiz!

If that doesn’t bring home the usefulness of logical operators; our &&’s, ||’s, and !’s, I don’t know what will.

On to While Loops

Now, we’ve covered loops before, you might remember the for .. in ... syntax.

That has worked really well for us throughout this course, but today we’re going to learn another way to repeat our code: while loops.

With while loops we’ll keep performing the code in our block until a certain condition is false.

Our new while loop syntax

It’s a great bridge connecting two of the different coding tools we’ve learned: loops and conditions.

Now that we’ve had a bit of practice with both, we’ll see ways in which we might want to use this new tool.

See you at 1pm, Irish time!


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