Coding at Home: Week One Wrap-Up

Week one is in the books! Thanks to everyone who tuned in this past week to our live sessions on

You can catch up with any of the sessions you missed on the kids.code() playlist here:

Recap of the Week

Day one, we covered getting set up with the Swift Playgrounds app on your iPad (and Mac) and the Everyone Can Code Puzzles book in the Books app on your iPad. We also started on the Learn to Code 1 Swift Playground and showed you how to download it.

Day two we continued with the Commands chapter of the Everyone Can Code book and reviewed some of the puzzles we’d solved the previous day.

On day three we jumped into Functions, the next chapter in the book, and talked through the coding concept of functions.

And today, Friday, day four, we started with some advice about how to follow along with the live sessions or the videos and code on your iPad. We then jumped back into the Functions chapter.


“What? Homework? We’re all stuck at home all the time already?” you might be saying.

Well, consider it weekend work, then. Programming requires practice, just like playing a musical instrument or a sport; you don’t get better if you don’t try out the skills you’ve learned.

At the end of today’s video, we set you a challenge: solve the Treasure Hunt puzzle in the Learn to Code 1 playground.

Use functions, do it all out longhand, see how you get on. You can capture a PDF of your code from the ...‘s menu in Swift Playgrounds or you can copy and paste it into a thread on our new forum.

I won’t say there are no wrong answers, but even if your answers don’t 100% solve the puzzle, at the very least you’ve made an effort. Even the best of us programmers have bugs in our code!

Coming Up Next Week

Next week we’ll have more content and walk throughs of the Learn to Code 1 playground. We’ll also review the homework and show off one potential solution, at least.

I’m hoping to re-record some of the intro videos, for those of you coming to the sessions late, or who just want a refresher.

So far, so good, though! And if you have any questions or comments or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Or start a new thread on the forums!

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