Coding at Home: May 18th, Build an App Aquarium

Come check us out today live for a session in which we build our own aquarium app!

Last Week

Last week we did a ton of work on assembling our camera and got it to a stage where we’re able to take pictures with our custom designed camera.

Now, your favorite part may be the design you added around your camera. Or it might be the zoom slider you can use to zoom in and out with the back camera.

It might be the mask that shapes the way your images are taken. Or that you wrote your very own class that encapsulated all this code.

Whichever piece of building the camera it is, they’re all massive steps forward in your programming journey!

We’ll be finishing off this playground this week with one last playground page, and then we’ll be moving on to other challenges!

Today: a little detour

We also talked a lot about the Swift Student Challenge last week, in which you build your own interactive playground and submit it to Apple for a chance to win some cool WWDC20 gear.

The challenge is closed, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start getting ready for next year!

Using the stuff we’ve learned in Assemble Your Camera, we’re going to make an aquarium from scratch in today’s session!

We’ll start with the new App at Home playground from our own playground feed and work from there.

It’s based on the Camera Create Starting Point playground from Apple, so we’ll be able to use a lot of the coding concepts we learned about with Assemble Your Camera, like the Button class, and the Space class and all the methods on it so we can place other components on the screen.

Lookback Sessions

By the way, we also had a great lookback session on Friday.

If you’re new to coding or maybe aren’t sure this thing is right for you, these sessions are the perfect introduction. They’re mostly painless, easy, personalized introductions to the language of computers. So just like you might learn French or German for impressing that girl/boy/parent/employer years down the line, I would think of this the same way.

Except the person you might be impressing is yourself, when you approach a problem and realize, “oh, hey, I can take advantage of these devices to do this for me, with just a little bit of code…”

We tailor each session to the people on the call, and it’s always more fun programming with a buddy, so bring a friend along!

We’ll see you today at 1pm, Irish time, for some more live coding fun!

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