Coding at Home: Build an Aquarium App, Continued

Today’s session promises to be a ton of fun, so tune in with us and let’s build an app in Swift Playgrounds!


Yesterday we started to explore building out an app inside Swift Playgrounds.

Our new App at Home playground!

We added buttons on the screen, a fish, set a background image, and even hooked up the button to move the fish.

The thing I loved about yesterday’s session was the nearly endless possibilities it opens up for us. We can build anything from here:

  • a calming aquarium
  • a really stressful aquarium in which sharks chase your fish
  • a fishing game
  • a space game with enemy ships you need to avoid
  • an app for an aquarium to place by its tanks
  • you name it!

The students in the house here wound up building two of those options and discussing at least two more, coding for another three hours after the live coding session was over!

Today’s session

So today we’re going back to that well. We’ll refine our own aquarium example a bit, add some more controls, implement some logic in our functions.

The goal will be to spark some ideas of your own for your own app. What are you going to do?

The state of our playground app so far...

Drop us a note on Twitter, or send us an email with directions you’d like to see, and we’ll talk about it on air.

We’ll go back to the Assemble Your Camera playground, for sure, we haven’t forgotten about that, but this side exploration, using some of those techniques and building blocks from the camera playgrounds will hopefully provide some inspiration.

Coding can be an incredibly creative outlet, let’s get a little creative today and build an app!

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