EU Code Week: Track the Gems

Big day for us today, I hope you’ll join us live at 9:45am, Irish/UK time!

You can give your poor, tired legs a break today, as we’ll be thinking about our dances of the last few days more than doing them.


Steve is going to get you thinking about your dance in terms of variables today.

This is a big part of computational thinking: we break down things into smaller pieces to try and understand how we interact with them, where we might store information, what steps we follow.

So put your dancing shoes away for the day!

Learn to Code 2

Learn to Code 2

The huge step we’re going to be taking today isn’t on the dance floor; it’s in Swift Playgrounds. We’ll start with a page or two from the Learn to Code 2 playground where we explore variables.

I love loops for the power they give us: write code and have Swift run it over and over again. Variables are a great tool for storing our information that we want to use in our app. We can collect that information from the person using our app, from a website, from some other piece of code.

I’ll teach you how to use variables today to count the number of gems we get Byte to collect.

You can check out the mini-site to see what we’re going to do, in depth, for Thursday. You’ll even see ideas to take variables further in the “Extend” section.


We’ve got a special guest school today who show off their coding skills and computational thinking from just down the road: Loreto Abbey Dalkey!

See you on the broadcast!

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