Coding at Home: July 9th, Sensor Arcade, Dashing Donuts

🍩 Who doesn’t love donuts?

Join us today at 3pm, Irish time for more fun with our iPad sensors!

This week we’re jumping around with times a little bit. If you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode, obviously you can follow us here. But you can also subscribe to our channel (like and subscribe?) and you’ll get notifications when we go live.


Yesterday we learned about using a touch handler and wrote some code to move our player around the screen to catch cupcakes.

Did you beat my high score?

I hope you tried a few different strategies for moving the player. I also hope you tried your algorithms out on your friends, siblings, parents.

There’s nothing better than having someone play and enjoy the game you wrote!

Today’s session

So for today we’re going to use our camera, and possibly our cameras, both of them, to get light updates.

We’ll explore switching which camera we use and what properties we have access to on the Color that’s passed to us.

Will you be able to beat my high score today?

Join us at 3pm, Irish time, to find out!

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