Coding at Home: July 6th, Sonic Workshop #5

Join us today at 1pm for some more Sonic Workshop!

We’re nearly done with Sonic Workshop and we have learned a ton.

We added a new function that will create a crystal that plays sound in a loop. We’ve explored closures in a few different forms. That’s been a lot of work.

Today’s session

Today we’ll add some visual flair to our auditory masterpiece, and then we’ll use some pre-built functions to build out an entire musical masterpiece!

We’re going to add a call to a function called addCaveGlitter, does it get better than that?

So we’re going to customize the heck out of this playground as a reward for all the hard work.

Revisiting the Swan

Remember the Swan’s Quest? Sure you do, it was only a little while ago.

We’re going to go back and have a quick look at those playgrounds, now that we have the Sonic Workshop under our belts.

In particular, we’re going to look at Swan’s Quest, Chapter 2, and see if what we just learned can help us better understand the challenge of the swan!

So if you want to follow along, and even start fresh, open up that Chapter 2 playground from our WWDC playground feed!

See you today at 1pm!

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