Coding at Home: May 25th, Build an App Aquarium Part 5 of 3

We’re back at 1pm today, Irish time! Come build an app with us, exercise those creative muscles!

The story so far

We’ve been building out an app using the techniques we learned in Everyone Can Code Puzzles and the Lights, Camera, Code sessions. We have a Space onto which we can place different components, like Buttons, ImageViews, Labels.

Using techniques from the Assemble Your Camera playground, we’ve wired up the buttons to perform actions in our own code!

You might have an amazing app right now that looks like a super cool digital aquarium. Or you might have a space-based game with a few tweaks to the images you use.

More tools today

Today we’re going to explore some more tools we can use for our game or app.

Arrays are great tools for keeping track of things in our apps. We’ll look at using them to remember all the fish we add to our app aquarium.

I’ll also show you a really handy feature of Swift Playgrounds for refactoring your code.

See you at 1pm!

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