Coding at Home: A New Frontier! (April 29th)

Well, it’s still the same frontier, mostly. We’ll still be streaming live each weekday at 1pm, including TODAY.

We’ll still have the recordings up after each session on the kids.code() playlist.

Today’s Session

Today we’ll briefly go over the homework assignment from yesterday: design a staircase for the Appending Removed Values page from the Learn to Code 2 playground that fills the entire row and place characters on each step.

These arrays playground pages are a great way to exercise really important skills and give you great practice for working with arrays in Swift.


You have spoken (sort of)!

According to our Twitter poll, people most wanted to learn either app development, taking pictures with code, or augmented reality.

So we picked something that combines a bit of app development and taking pictures with code (we’ll do augmented reality next).

The Lights, Camera, Code playground (from Apple) is a great playground to take your coding to the next level. Plus, you’ll get to take advantage of the camera on your iPad!

We’re going to get introduced to some brand new types and get some experience using the camera of our iPads… from code.

A Big Step

This is a big step from our trip through the fundamentals of coding, but you’re more than ready. We’ll just take our time, go slow, and figure it out.

See you at 1pm and make sure you’ve done your makeup for your photo shoot!

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