Coding at Home: April 28th, You’re Finished!

You’re now a 100% trained-up coder and I can teach you no more!

(Psst, we’re still live today at 1pm, Irish time!)

Oh, wait. There’s loads more to learn about programming, even Swift! You’ve done an amazing job getting this far with us in the Everyone Can Code Puzzles curriculum — this is no amount of coding to sneeze at! But this is only the beginning of a very long Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style journey.

Today’s Session

Today we’re going to have a look at those playground pages I asked you to look through yesterday: appending items to an array, removing them from one array and adding them to another.

Sometimes it will feel like we have two buckets: one full of items, the other empty. When we iterate through the full bucket, we’ll remove the items we used and append them to the other bucket. Like a To Do pile and a Done pile, in a way.

This will come in handy when your code grows into larger apps with a lot more complexity and you need the app’s code to remember and act on more things for you.

We’re also going to have a guest student on today to talk about the Algorithms chapter in Learn to Code 1 and some strategies they used to solve those puzzles.

What’s Next

We’d love it if you filled out our survey, to help gauge the type of experience people have who are watching the videos. You also have the chance to say what you’d like to study next.

Our Twitter poll finished (nearly) dead even with AR, App Development, and Taking Pictures with Code each receiving two votes (so far), so get in your votes, quick!

See you at 1pm!

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