Coding at Home: Wednesday, 25th March

We’re streaming live today at 1pm, Irish time at

We launched our first Twitch stream yesterday, which you can watch there. I’ve also uploaded the video to YouTube.

The beginning of the video will help you get set up, so long as you have an iPad and an internet connection.

If you prefer to read your instructions, yesterday’s post will show you where to go to get Swift Playgrounds and Everyone Can Code Puzzles, the ebook we’re using.

Today’s Session @ 1pm Irish time

For today’s session we’re going to walk through some more lessons about commands: how to use them, how to figure out when they’re not doing what we expected, or debugging. We’ll look at strategies for solving puzzles, which is a lot of what programming is.

So tune in, grab your iPad, and spend a little time with me, coding!

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