Coding at Home: Part Four

In Part One of this special Coding at Home series we looked at our new app: Learning Variables.

In Part Two we looked at the Swift Playgrounds we’ve developed at The Code Hub and how to get them on your Mac or iPad.

For Part Three we checked out one of my favorite playgrounds, Text Adventure.

Code with Me

Now we’re going to try a slightly different tack.

Starting this week we’re going to hold live coding sessions to teach you about coding.

Since I use iPads in my class, I’ll be taking advantage of those devices for the course. They don’t necessarily have to be spring chickens, either, so long as you can install Swift Playgrounds.

Swift Playgrounds is available on the App Store for free. Just have a search for “swift playgrounds” and tap on the GET button.

And that’s it, that’s all you’ll need for the first few lessons.

If you’re following along at home, and all of you should be (at home, that is), we’re going to start with material from Apple’s excellent Everyone Can Code curriculum.


You can get these free ebooks from the Bookstore at

Teacher and student guide are available here:

We’ll be working from the student guide, but if you’re a parent (or a kid teaching another kid, your parent, or your pets), the teacher guide gives some great suggestions about how to teach coding, with varying levels of difficulty.

So hopefully I’ll see you at 1pm, Irish time, today.

We kick it all off on Twitch at

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