EU Code Week: Get Groovy!

Have we got a good one for you today!

Today is all about dancing. Steve will take you on a journey around Newcastle, dancing the session away!

Join us live for it at 9:45am, Irish/UK time!

Dance: The Code Week 2020 Theme

CC Sarah from Brizzzzzle

This year’s code week theme is all about dance, which makes today pretty much smack dab on topic. Steve will teach you the dance to the EU Code Week theme (which you can hear playing in our intro). There are a lot of moves, so you’ll want to practice!

Just like yesterday, we’ll talk about the steps involved and how important it is to follow them in order.


Because there are so many steps that we have to repeat, we might want to find a way to build our own codeWeekDance() function. A function is the same thing as a command, and we’ll show you how to write them today.

When we write functions, what we’re doing is figuring out a set of steps we want to perform, potentially many times. And by grouping all these steps together and giving them a helpful name (like codeWeekDance()) the code we write is getting even more useful.

Now, like we used commands like moveForward() and collectGem(), someone would be able to use the functions we’ve defined in our Swift Playground!

Meet Jimu, the dancing robot

This is big, exciting stuff, as you’ll have learned another key tool coders use every day to solve problems.

I can’t wait to show you all this new piece of coding. We’ll see you on the live stream!

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