Coding at Home: June 23rd, Grad Break & WWDC20

We will not be broadcasting at 1pm today, because someone in the house is having their last day of sixth class (last day of primary school in Ireland!).

But we do hope to broadcast at some point during the day, so keep your eyes on Twitter, because we’ll give a shout out there. Or you can just watch the live feed, all day long, like a hawk, watching for a tasty Swift mouse to eat.*

Wishes do come true

One of the things we’re most excited about is the publishing of all the session videos up on the Developer app, so we can see what’s going to be talked about.

And take a look!

There are a whole new set of Swift Playgrounds AND a session on creating your own content, checking off a few big items on our wish list!

Today at 6pm, Irish time, is when all these sessions drop, and the first of the new content is presented: Swan’s Quest, Chapter 1: Voices in the dark.

Another session we might find relevant tonight is What’s New in RealityKit.

If you missed the Keynote yesterday, you can catch up with this short little video recapping the announcements from yesterday.

So we likely won’t see you today, but we can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow with you! Keep your eyes on those WWDC videos and Twitter and YouTube and we’ll see you on June 24th!

* Disclaimer: Do not eat Swift Playgrounds.

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