Coding at Home: June 11th, Reality Composer, Add an Image Anchor

Join us today on YouTube Live for our stream at 1pm, Irish time!

(For a note on our new streaming location, you can read the somewhat excruciatingly boring story of our streaming woes here.)


Our session yesterday was a little bit plagued by technical issues, it turns out, if you were watching on Twitch.

But what we went through, besides saying, “We can’t see anything!” a lot, was the very beginning of creating an AR scene that will use an image as its anchor.

Today’s session

Because yesterday was such a shambles we’re going to repeat most of what we did today.

image anchors

We’ll demonstrate creating some good images for anchors to use in our AR scenes. I used Keynote yesterday, and I’ll show you a good way to get shapes. Print out the shapes, take a screenshot of your slide, and that’s what we’ll transpose a virtual object onto in our AR experience.

So join us today and we’ll get creating some amazing augmented reality scenes!

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