Coding at Home: May 28th, Augmented Reality with AR Makr!

We started our brave new series yesterday, all on augmented reality, or AR, for short.

We’ll be live today at 1pm, Irish time, building out an augmented reality scene!

Yesterday we had a whirlwind tour of AR Makr, Reality Composer, and the Augmented Reality playground from Apple to show you what we can do with augmented reality on the iPad. It also highlights the number of ways we can play around with AR!

Today’s session

Today we’re going to go back to AR Makr and build out a scene and play with some of the built-in animations.

One of the most difficult things I’ve found about augmented reality and building augmented reality apps or playgrounds is building decent 3D models to use in my real life scene.

AR Makr (and, as we’ll see with Reality Composer and the AR Create playground) has some amazing built-in models for us to use. And it lets us create our own in pretty fun, easy ways.

Our old Max the fox is back! (Borrowed from the Apple SceneKit sample code.)

So come catch up with us at 1pm today for some augmenting of your reality!

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