DojoCon 2017: App Development with Swift

I was very lucky to attend DojoCon 2017 over in Warrington, in the UK a few weekends ago (quite a few, now), where I ran a workshop called Intro to App Development with Swift.

DojoCon 2017

The idea was that Apple have these fantastic resources you can download and explore, either on your own or guided by a teacher (or guiding, if you’re the teacher) at their Everyone Can Code website.

The App Development books (available for free on the iBookstore) come with teacher and student guides, both of which have project ideas and implementations to download to help you through learning how to develop apps for iOS.

So they kind of work, whether you’re using the material in your classroom (or with your kids at home) or in a Dojo, where the focus is more on projects and giving the kids more loose guardrails to travel down.

    • QuestionBot — Develop a personal assistant who will answer all your questions 🤖
    •  MemeMaker — Dazzle your buddies, frighten the cat with the memes you cook up! 🕶💥💕
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors — Build your own rock, paper, scissors game to play with your friends! 👊✋✌️
    • FoodTracker — Build your own food rating app for remembering those stellar meals!

All of these projects, bar the FoodTracker, are part and parcel of the App Development with Swift curriculum, and Food Tracker can be built according to the guided tour here:

If you want to follow along with the stuff I walked the mentors through, now you can, with this handy sushi card at CoderDojo’s Kata website.

In fact, if you want more than just Xcode development, you can bring Swift into your Dojo with Michael O’Kane’s excellent challenge cards, as well, joint announced on the CoderDojo news page just a few days ago.

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