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Whether it's an Hour of Code or a more long-lived coding instruction for your students, we can implement coding workshops and classes for you and your students.

We'll work with you and your equipment to run introductory or semester-long weekly coding sessions for classes or can train your staff and facilitate teacher-led sessions of offline and on-device activities to teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming.
We've run a number of assemblies for Dublin schools to demystify computers for children and adults alike.

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We offer training in either delivering fundamentals of programming classes, running code literacy events at your local school or club, or the Apple Education curriculum for your classroom.

We deliver the popular 'train the trainer' training for Apple's Learn to Code 1, 2, & 3 and Intro to App Development and App Development with Swift courses. The courses offer excellent guidelines for introducing computer programming into your classroom in an easy-to-follow format and give you a number of ideas for exploration.

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We believe our children need an introduction to the language of computers to see that their devices can be outlets for their natural creativity and not just for passive entertainment.
We expose the kids to exercises designed to explain how a computer works, introduce the fundamentals of computer programming, and engage our students' imaginations.

We present a series of different ways to interact with a computer to appeal to the broadest range of interests possible.
The goal is to improve the digital literacy of the students, and, along the way, hopefully get them to experience that ah ha! moment that programming can deliver.

The Founder

Matthew Hanlon is a computer programmer, dad, coach, teacher, and author who developed a curriculum for teaching kids ages 6-18 the fundamentals of computer programming in Silicon Valley and is bringing it to Ireland.

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The Gear

We provide iPads for the students, though if you want to bring your own you're more than welcome to do so, so long as it runs Swift Playgrounds (iOS 10.3 or later).
If you want to participate in the Augmented Reality aspects of the course you want one of the iPads released in 2017 or later or an iPad Pro.
We also have a few Sphero SPRK+s on hand for the kids to explore programming robots.


Fundamentals of Programming

We've developed a programming curriculum for kids ages 7 and up in the form of summer camps, middle school (ages 12-15 in the States), and after school programs. We use a variety of programming techniques, platforms, and concepts in our classes, including Logo, Python, Raspberry Pi-based Kano kits, the excellent Greenfoot platform for teaching Java, as well as physical exercises to get across computing concepts and principles.
The class materials have also been adapted to be taught on iPads and introduces the kids to Swift, Apple's new programming language for making apps for all their devices.



These are a few of the tools we use to make programming concepts a little more clear and easier to grasp.



Coming in Autumn 2018!

Tuesdays, 2 - 23 October 2018 — 6pm-8pm,
Mounttown Community Center, Dún Laoghaire
For ages 8-12.

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Tuesdays, 6 - 27 November 2018 — 6pm-8pm,
Mounttown Community Center, Dún Laoghaire
For ages 8-12.

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